4 triple rooms with private bathroom.
1 double romm with private bathroom.
1 single room with private bathroom.
1 quadruple with share bathroom.

Activities and Excursions

Mount San Lorenzo (3,706 meters):
We arrive at the very foot of the mountain in two stages: first in a vehicle, and then on foot or horseback.
We drive about 7 km on the road to the former El Rincón Ranch, leave the vehicle and walk three hours to the San Loenzo outpost.
For this excursion you must bring warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

Belgrano Peninsula:
We drive to the isthmus and walk around observing birds, foxes, skunks and guanacos. You can get very close to the latter, which are very tame because nobody bothers them. You will also like the colors of the landscape. This excursion takes 3 to 4 hours from the ranch.

Condor cliffs and Mount León:
Walking 1,000 meters from the rocky massif where these birds live, we reach Mount León, a privileged place from which to view the lakes and mountains of the park. It takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Lake Burmeister and Casa de Piedra:
This area is in the southeastern part of the national park. It is the only lake in the park that drains into the Atlantic; the waters of the others – Belgrano, Volcán, Mogote, Escondido, Azahara and Nansen – flow into the Pacific.
Accompanied by a park ranger, we will see the rock paintings in the Casa de Piedra caves, which show signs of having been inhabited 9,000 years ago.
The excursion, done in a 4WD to Lake Burmeister, takes 4 to 5 hours.

Owner: Lada's Family
Season: November-March
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Airport Comodoro Rivadavia 700 km Nearby cities Perito Moreno 320 km
Puerto San Julián 450 km
Tres Lagos 332 km
Airdrome Perito Moreno 320 km
Gdor. Gregores 220 km
Border cross Chile Chico 364 Km
Estancia La Oriental

This ranch is in Perito Moreno National Park, surrounded by high mountains and glaciers in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz.
Its big glacial valleys have lovely rivers and lakes, and abundant native wildlife.
A condor cliff less than 2 km from the ranch is a year-round habitat for these birds.

Horseback rides can last from a few hours to two days, camping in the forest.

One of these rides takes you close to Mount San Lorenzo, the highest peak in the southern Andes, just 30 km away.

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    Pictures: Luis A. Franke