The weather/The arrival

The climate depends on the geographical location, and on meterological conditions which can change from one day to the next. In summer, southern Patagonia tends to be cool and sunny, with very dry air. Sea-level temperatures range from a minimum of 10ºC and a maximum of 30ºC, with a daily average of 20ºC.

At higher altitudes these temperatures diminish at a rate of about one degree per 100 metres of altitude. Breezes and winds accentuate the coolness of the air. Light summer clothing is a must, but thorny plants and the strong sun can make shorts a problem during hikes and horseback rides.

What to take
Warm, lightweight clothing will come in very handy. You will need a warm parka for excursions to glaciers or high places, and for days that are cooler than usual. Another must is a lightweight waterproof jacket for windy days and occasional unexpected showers.

Sunglasses and a hat with chinstrap are also advisable. A sunblock cream with a protection factor of at least 15 is a must.
Tennis shoes with worn soles or alpargatas are good for traveling , but aren’t recommendable for hikes through thornbush areas;they are treacherous on wet stones in creeks or in places with loose stones. In these cases, light trekking shoes will be the best choice.
Remember that only big towns have laundries. On some ranches you can ask to have something washed – but not ironed – if you are staying long enough to make it worthwhile. Ask about this when you arrive.


You will be entering the land and waters of the Roaring Forties. There, storms come without thunder, lighting or rain; they are pure wind, which often as not blows beneath a clear sky.
If the wind is blowing, respect it, whether you be driving or walking.

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The sky over Patagonia
The southern hemisphere sky is the richest in shining stars and galaxies. Seeing it from a ranch, through clear air and without ground lights, is a memorable experience. That’s why they call us the "Thousand-Star Hotels".

The arrival
In the summertime the sunlight is deceptive, making you think that the day is longer than it really is. Get to your destination when it’s still daylight.

Getting to a estancia is in itself an interesting experience. The same road will look very different when you leave in the morning.